18 RePost: Facetious Feminism | I’m Glad I’m a Boy! I’m Glad I’m a Girl! – Brain Pickings

I love a little sarcasm. But I also love being a girl .

In fact, my latest office move had someone asking how they should act now that a lady joined the group. My answer is “the same”. Perhaps I’m not old-fashioned enough, but I want the guys to act like guys, because I would just prefer to be one of them.

I don’t offend easily and after being “in the oilfield” business long enough, I’ve come to realize that I’m very rarely offended by the offensive jokes, but more when someone walks on eggshells around me because I happen to don high heels rather than oxfords.

After seeing this cute children’s book that had a edgy humor twist, I thought I’d share….


Which is all to say: It’s highly likely, if not almost certainly the case, that Darrow, a man of keen cultural commentary wrapped in unusual humor, intended the book as satire. It came, after all, at a time when girls were beginning to be rather un-glad to be “girls” in the sense of the word burdened by outdated cultural expectations and boggled in an air of second-class citizenry. It’s entirely possible that Darrow wanted to comment on these outdated gender norms by depicting them in absurd cartoonishness precisely so that their absurdity would shine through.



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