Gearing Up with Running Stuff

New shoes. New socks. New socks. New water belt. New socks. In that order.

That said, I have to admit – that I love my new shoes. Compared to my other shoes, which were frowned upon despite also being Asics, these are like running in marshmallows – or my other favorite comfy shoe, Uggs. These are the ASICS GEL-Nimbus® 15 – and I went to Luke’s Locker to get them. My amazing helper, Sarah, had me try on a few pairs, run hilariously up and down the hallway, and then, here we are, a few weeks later, and I can’t imagine running without them.clip_image002

I also picked up some Feetures seamless cushy socks and some compression socks as well. Shin splints were getting the better of me until compression came into my life. The difference is pretty dang amazing, and I have to admit, perhaps all this fancy running stuff, may have some scientific basis to it after all. (Ahem, I’m still not into the fancy socks yet, I’m still into stealing Sir LAA’s cotton white socks. Sorry.)

That said, I’m running happier. I’ve found a few friends at my run club, while my favorite overachiever is whizzing by me at breakneck speeds, and I’m able to have a group that’s at my pace. It’s made all the difference. Being the people person, running is a hard thing sometimes – with all that solitude.

The peace of it is nice…or at least makes for those nice posters that you see on Pinterest or in gyms. But for me, I need people. Or at least, something to listen to while I’m pretending that my calves don’t burn or my feet feel like cement blocks. Overall, I’m happy with the new run club, it’s getting better week by week and meeting new people is making all the difference.

Here’s to another mile. Or 13.1. xoxo


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