RePost: Loving Someone | The Psychology of Trust in Life, Learning, and Love – Brain Pickings

Love is a selfish thing isn’t it? I mean, what’s the point of telling someone “I love you.”…is it really for them? I know my heart patters every time I say it out loud to Sir LAA. I don’t know if it’s wholly for him, because that patter definitely gets me happier.

Perhaps, the dramatic side of it at least, is that I don’t want to perish from this Earth without those who I love, resting assured that I loved them whole heartedly and out loud.

This article is great on the trust discussion side of a relationship. I know that trust is something that I find paramount in my life. It’s more often than not I’m skeptical of people’s motives. What I adore about this take is that I didn’t realize, in my reading of it, that the trust I craved so much, isn’t the “don’t cheat on me” type – which of course – I’m definitely a subscriber of – but more the “I trust that you love me more than life itself”…that I didn’t know I needed, but now, I can’t live without.

Love is selfish, Trust gives me strength.



“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get — only with what you are expecting to give — which is everything.” – Katherine Hepburn


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