Play a Note That is Worthy of Copy

Someone recently shared a lovely new quote that I’ve been playing in the back of my mind. I’m paraphrasing the original statement….but….

Play only those notes that are truly worthy of copy.

While I don’t play an instrument. I suppose I can “layman’s term” it up for you and say, “don’t do something, unless it’s worth writing down.”

Lately I’ve been trying to de-stress myself. Less projects. More lazy. Less structure. More sleep. Less “go go go” and more making memories. Somehow, this little sentence spoke to me. Now I’m asking myself more often than not to judge whether something is worthy of copy – or just me going through the motions of what life is throwing at me.

I refuse to look back at my own life and realize I spent time running through the moments I should have wafted through, and avoided the moments I should have stood up and taken. I’ve been more vocal about what I need in life. I don’t want my life to evaporate.

I will be dancing more. I miss it. I will be finishing these two books, and possibly one more. I need that outlet. I will love Sir LAA to the best of my own ability. I will….I will…um, well, other personal goals that I need not ruin the punchline on just yet. Okay, so I’m not completely up to par with that being brave thing – but I’ll keep you posted.

My life needs to be truly worth of copy. That’s pretty prolific. I’ve always said that we should “live large: because we only go around once”. Now, large isn’t necessarily the right word – authentically in tune to how we will leave our mark on the world….is there a word for just that?

Right now, my time is better spent elsewhere and not on vocabulary – I have to get going, it’s wine club night and a glass of memories and good conversation is on tap.

PS. Our love is worthy of copy. But, its authentic, and genuine, and cannot be reproduced.


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