RePost: What I do | How Apple Went from Underdog to Cult in Six Design and Innovation Strategies from the Early Days

It’s rare you see an article about the type of marketing that I do. I’m a researching economist who lives and breathes to help folks make decisions about where to go next.

This article really speaks to the innovation that companies need to strive for. Obviously, Apple is known to create markets before the Early Adopters (i.e. geeks who need the latest thing!!) can even read about the leak of the news to the market.

That said…I ache to be like this, to come up with a new thought. Seldom is there a unique thought, but perhaps one day. Until then, the carrot dangling of doing that, keeps me going.



It’s easy to see how this foundational vision shaped Apple’s output, both creative and cultural, in decades to come. Esslinger adds a note on the toxic cultural conceit that doing well and doing good are somehow diametrically opposed, a myth perhaps most famously discredited-by-example in the story of Jim Henson.


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