RePost: Picky Eating | Recipe: Chili-Rubbed Ribeye Steak with Maple-Bourbon Butter – The Kitchn

Do you have a picky eater? Sir LAA is. No seafood (although compromising, he will be doing fish this year as a New Year’s Resolution). No spinach, no mushrooms, no raw onions. Only “so much” broccoli. No nuts in desserts, or food really – unless peanut butter. Or peanuts – but only sometimes. No artichokes. No really wild about Lamb. What the what?

It makes planning Sunday dinner fall into one of two categories. “Let me see if I can get him to like….” Or “Top chef it up and avoid all of these ingredients with substitute other stuff….”…which is fine. But the meal below, seems like a perfect match for my beef and bourbon loving boyfriend. Let’s see how it goes.



To prepare the butter, whisk the bourbon and maple syrup together with a fork. Combine this with the butter in a small bowl and use the fork to begin mashing the liquid into the butter. As the butter softens further, move from mashing to whisking. At first, it may not seem like the liquid will mix with the butter, but keep going until most of the liquid has been absorbed. Scrape the butter onto a square of wax paper. Roll it up and twist the ends. Refrigerate until you’re ready to serve the steaks.


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