Resolution Check: February


Here I come 2014.

1. I will be completing a photo journal rather than a written journal next year. Going strong. Every Monday, a great download of what I’ve done and where I’ve been has been going in. I’m enjoying watching how my little day to day pictures tell a story of what I see. It’s even a little better than my normal routine of doing a scrapbook of major events, because this way I see what I normally do, not just at a special occasion….i.e. the minutia of my life that pictures may not normally pick up, but make up a majority of my life.

2. Each week I’ll be making sure I jot a few little diddies down in my book and hopefully by the end of the year, have a book. Blech. Bad news here kiddos. Nothing. Nada. Not even finishing up the books that I wanted to finish so that I felt like I could focus on this. The transition of jobs over the last month plus lots of events in my personal life really took me away from this. Need to remember to come back to center, pour me a hot cup of tea and enjoy the quiet ride of book writing.

3. I plan on running a half marathon and doing something big by November/December. I ran four miles. I RAN FOUR MILES. First off, that’s nearly a third of where I need to be and it’s not even March yet. My run club is paying off, my legs even look different. That said, I need to remember salads, and not nachos a little more, as I can definitely feel the hurt on the days that I run!

4. I will be traveling to Paris, seeing the Eiffel Tower. Nope. But right around the corner comes my first trip ever to Disney world and Seattle. So very excited to get and do these trips with Sir LAA. Who doesn’t want to be a kid again for a week? Mickey Mouse, Harry Potter, happy times here I come. Seattle? Home of grunge, coffee and a laid back West Coast lifestyle? Sign me up. Quickly becoming a food mecca in all of my magazines, this trip couldn’t have been planned better. clip_image001

5. DONE! I’ve finally scored my first (and probably only) pair of Louboutins. And I’ve done it. I went with the Very Private Leather platform. When you pair this with an amazing deal I got on a Badgley Mishka evening dress, I will feel like a million dollars at the upcoming NOMADS gala. I didn’t wear anything near this lavish on my own wedding day, and now, to be blessed to do something like this – wow, stuns me.

6. I will be completing my line of hats that I’ve promised for so many years now, and finally opening up my shop on Etsy – Prim and Proper Trims and Toppers. Again, blech. Nothing here. I mean, how do I find time for myself when I’m busy being in love and loving life in the process? Sir LAA bought me an amazing speaker system for my birthday, and I have to admit, now that I can stream music all over the house, I’m pretty rootin’ tootin’ for some time to blast music (attempt to not dance) and create. I still have the dream…perhaps I’m just not as talented as I thought I was…sigh.

7. I do have a crazy craft project that has been on my mind for awhile now. Make my own snow globe. Planning still. Shut up.

8. Finally, just to keep things whimsical, I’ll be completing my violin song. I do have a teacher picked out. I do have a violin. When was I supposed to do this? Let’s just admit it, 2014 is falling apart. Fast. I need

new goals.


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