RePost: Staying Motivated | blind athletes: motivation to get moving – the blind cook

This article from my friend Christine Ha couldn’t have been timed better. I needed it after feeling not so great at the week’s worth of run club that I endured.

I am learning to, as she says, “live fearlessly, play hard, and just do it”. Getting out of my own brain takes time, I’m constantly asking Sir LAA how he “thinks of nothing” sometimes (not that he doesn’t have crazy smart thoughts a ton!)…but I could use some blank space and running to be something fun, rather than me concentrating on breathing or my pace. Right now it’s “oh my god…am I done yet?” or “I LOVE THIS” and oscillating too much.


But you don’t have to be a medalist, a world record setter, or visually impaired to have the courage to get out there and live fearlessly, play hard, and just do it.. Know any visually impaired athletes, or are you one yourself? What sort of challenges or taboos do blind athletes face? What needs to be done or changed in order to encourage more vision impaired people to take up sports?


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