Beating the Bucket List: Getting Displayed in a Gallery


Several years back I won a photo contest. It was benefitting a great charity, Pup Squad and Barkitecture’s annual event had a photo contest.

I submitted a photo of my puppy, Oliver. “Ollie” was my best friend in the whole world when my divorce was finalized. “the man” in my life, Ollie slept in bed, watched the news and held my hand with me. Yes, like paw on hand.

The photo I submitted was actually a “test run” of a new lens that I was doing. I never intended for it to become art. I had a new macro, I took Ollie out to Bear Creek park. Sat him on a picnic table and took his photo. Clicking buttons and settings and detailing the work so that I could get a feel for my new equipment.

The results were great, I loved the new piece of equipment and Ollie loved the attention. I could have sworn that dog knew “take a picture” as a command. He was so good at it.

That said, I lost him not too long after the photos were taken. He ran away and fell victim to a car accident a few blocks from my house. While death has a lot of downside, this moment of seeing my art in a gallery was heightened by paying homage to a best friend.

I went downtown, stood next to my picture a la “Elementary School Open House” and went to dinner afterward. I had a few friends show up, it felt good to be celebrated for something that was completely recreational for me.

A lovely evening indeed, to see my own work on the wall. To be lauded for efforts (no matter how unintentional)…and to succeed in photography. Pretty chuffed.


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