So I Signed up for a Half Marathon


So my BFF R called and said, “Let’s run a race” and I said, OK. So then he suggested the Austin Half Marathon, but that lands at an inopportune time, so I pressed back. and of course, in Murphy’s Law’s sort of way, moved up the dates 3 month’s ahead of time and landed me a half marathon before Thanksgiving.

It’s out of town, in Shiner, and it’s a beer run (what a great pun!) and well, in his own words, it’s “super cool” we can talk about 13.1 miles like it’s no big deal.

What do you mean NO BIG DEAL!? Yes sir it is. But I already had my anxious moment of HOLY HECK what did I just sign up to do? I’m already over the hyperventilation. Now I’m just glad I have a goal and it’s on the calendar. I adore calendars. lists. whatever. Good for a goal.

Plus, well, weekend before Thanksgiving? That means I totally get the gravy that next Thursday right? Hahahha, see what I did there?

I still very much plan on doing something for my first half marathon before this with Sir LAA. I owe him that at the VERY least. But I signed up for this one first, so I thought I’d report it…as soon as possible.

What do you think? Am I crazy?


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