RePost: A Good Argument for the Kitchen | Use it or Lose it: Dancing Makes you Smarter – Stanford Dance

I loved this study that Stanford turned out. Not only is it a great article for exercise and keeping moving in general, but dancing in particular. Be a social creature.

I would love to find a partner who I’m shuffling along with when I’m 80. It’d be nice if he knows how to foxtrot me around the dance floor. He’ll be in black socks and a misshapen suit, I will be in my best lavender flower house dress. and maybe mismatched shoes. Either way, I will love him.



We wish that 25 years ago the Albert Einstein College of Medicine thought of doing side-by-side comparisons of different kinds of dancing, to find out which was better. But we can figure it out by looking at who they studied: senior citizens 75 and older, beginning in 1980. Those who danced in that particular population were former Roaring Twenties dancers (back in 1980) and then former Swing Era dancers (today), so the kind of dancing most of them continued to do in retirement was what they began when they were young: freestyle social dancing — basic foxtrot, swing, waltz and maybe some Latin.


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