Today, I’m getting home from Disneyworld. and since I admittedly wrote my vacation posts early, I can admit that this too, was written a little ahead of time, so more on the Mouse and Friends later. I promise. It’s our small internet world after all.

I was thinking about love today. And all the types of it. and how it transforms as you move through a relationship. Admittedly, Sir LAA and I have been in love…a couple of months now.

And since I’m in the admittance phase of this blog, I loved him for much longer than that, but that whole “she said, he said, I was first, he was first, oh my God, who did what? and what’s the protocol for this?” thing took over. So here, forever in Internet history, I loved him 15 days after I met him.

Yes, 15 days.

and I wrote it down, and that letter resides in my house, in a drawer, open for all to see and when I’m ready, I’ll give him the authentic copy to keep forever and ever and. ever. Well, unless he doesn’t want it, in which case I may be relegated to a drawer. I mean, it is that schmaltzy gooey stuff.

In my life, I’ve been through the fireworks of a new relationship. and the explosions of passionate apologizing after a first fight. I’ve been through the learning new things, teaching new things, seeing new things, understanding each other excitement. Moving from newest to newer to new to meeting the families, the friends, the coworkers, the pets (or kids if you got ‘em)…seeing each others living space instead of just going on dates and then seeing how someone lives and breathes and reacts to just about everything.

So that leads me to to Day 139. (That’s today). I have been inundated by signs lately. Not like clouds making signals or weird things happening and I should be listening existentially…I mean, literal, signs. The breakfast place this morning on the ceiling “Amazing things do happen”. Graffiti: “Love conquers all”. My Taco Bell Fire sauce packet “Things just got real.” Text from my BFF meant for someone else, but totally home to me “Fear can always be conquered”. Scripture on my facebook wall “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” – Joshua 1:9”

and I’m listening to all of them. Taking them in. And what has quietly occured, amidst my constant energy and ambitious nature to “make things happen”, is that life happened. My future is laying itself out at my feet, unfolding in this delightfully unexpected way. And what I realized.

Love is quiet. It happens beneath the noise. It doesn’t have to be said. It just exists. It’s effortless. Assumed. Taken for granted even. We need not look back to see if it will catch us, for it is there. It doesn’t take grand gestures. It takes patience and kind ways of how we are naturally, and bestows their gifts upon those we love. You don’t have to try and love, you just love. You don’t stress about how to, you just do. Existing as your own unique gift unto the other, who appreciates you through the same existence. Just to be in each other’s space is enough. To create a world unto ourselves where we may not be perfect separately, but collectively are whole.

Thanks for letting me rant. xoxo LA


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