RePost: I need an Easter Tradition | Bialy Barszcz (Polish White Borscht)–Saveur

This year marks a pretty cool first for Sir LAA and I. Hosting our first holiday at our house. Easter.

Easter’s not a “huge thing” for either of us compared to Thanksgiving and Christmas. I like Easter, every year I love seeing the stores “bloom” in pastel colored décor and restaurants turning out lighter, greener fare. Farmer’s markets pop up with the prettiest of veggies and Easter dinner is a place that I can play with traditions a little more than the usual stand by’s that the fall and winter holidays hold.

I just had this come across my desk today. and I know I’ve seen this or something similar before, but being Polish, my heart strings tug a bit when I think I can wrap some of my personal history into a meal. While my menu has already been played with in my head as to what we’re serving…I kinda sorta want to add this as a “at least try a spoonful” since it seems to be easily made and is traditional….your thoughts?




The recipe for this Polish Easter soup calls for fresh horseradish, but it works just as well with the prepared version.


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