I took a break. And I meant it.

clip_image002I did my first 5k a few weeks back. I wasn’t feeling crazy up to it. But that morning, I drove out, determined to finish it at least. I just got my results yesterday, in my age category I was 7 out of 16. Not too shabby.

I kept my pace at 11:40, which is beating my usual 12 minutes by 20 seconds. I know you can do the math, but I did it for you. Math > Running. So there, let me have my moment.

Sadly though. I’ve not run since then. Sir LAA got back with the flu. And then I got the flu. And then I sold a house. And then we went and saw one of our best good friends run her first half IronMan (inspiring!) and then, well, then, we’re at today.

It’s not been good for my running routine this “semester”. I don’t know if run club’s hours really work for me. 430 AM may be tooooo early , and 7PM is way too late for someone who’s nearing pass out by then. Is there a way to do it all? Who knows. Perhaps when Sir LAA is on summer break I can run right after work with him. Our own run club.

That said, the 5k machine is back at it again. In two weeks (I think) we’ll be doing our first 5K together, and then in May, there will be a 5K supporting my childhood school district’s afterschool program. So there, I’m running…just not as far as I want to yet.


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