I’m Sorry. But I’m Not.

I’ve been gone. I know. Right after I bragged about totally committing my writing skills to this blog. But I had a really, really, really good reasons you guys and gals.

I got married.

I KNOW. I’m there. Well I’m not. I’m still reeling. and glowing. and happy.

First off, we went to Vegas. We are not expecting, and no, Elvis didn’t marry us. (Yes, people asked). But we couldn’t stand it any more. Not in a bad way. We just wanted to be us.

So we did.

Amazing. DO it. Don’t think. GO.

My husband, made me cry. I made him cry. We laughed, we giggled. And I could sit here and dish for hours about everything.

But. Something makes me stop. and I can’t. Because it feels like I was given this amazing gift to stand with the man I will spend the rest of my life with and share words and tears and laughter and my whole heart, soul and ALL THE THINGS. and I want to keep them to my heart.

When I get more time to do travel pics, and obviously a few wedding pics, I’ll do that. But it wasn’t about the flowers and the veil and the suit and super cool Tower Suite at the Bellagio we were upgraded to.

At that moment, we both admitted, we didn’t even hear the officiant. What I will remember is that I was staring at my best friend, and had this amazing peace that I know is God-given. No jitters. No cold feet. No oh-my-God I’m doing this. Just finally finding the exact space where I fit. My husband is mine, and I am his.

While we were taking photographs later, he looked over and said, “I can’t stop smiling.” Neither can I. I am blessed.


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