Beating the Bucket List: Sold House

Hi. I’m married. (Still so happy about that)bought a house

But OH! I sold my house last week before getting on an airplane bound for the City that Never Sleeps to marry my Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Love.

Originally, I was going to write a Beating the Bucket List post about buying a house. Turning over a mortgage check to a finance company, and panicking wildly when the shower leaked on the first night in the house. Yet, the pride that came with owning my own roof and walls, is unbelievable.

Then I went and fell in love. So the house went on the market and the welcome mat changed houses, and  well. I sold the house in two days. I didn’t expect to do that given it took two weeks just to get a showing a few years ago. Bam. Done.

Admittedly the waiting and back and forth game of all the paperwork is NO fun. Plus coordinating people and donations and movers and storage facilities and well, just the general exhaustion.

But then the day I handed over my keys…was elation. Happy dance. No more mortgage going out the window. No more bills doubling up our outlay of cash each month. Financially, we’re so much better. Exhale.

I had a bittersweet moment as I looked around at my empty digs before leaving for the last time. I will admit that I scratched a VERY SMALL “LA Lived Here 2004-2014” in the storage closet in the way dark back. I shed a tear, albeit happy, for all the memories that I was about to leave and make.

Then, I got to walk in the door of my new home, see my love on the couch with the dogs driving him nuts with toys and kisses. I knew, I was home. I just sold my old house.


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