RePost: Where Have We Been?! | Fried Egg Tostada with Sausage, Spinach & Tomatoes–Fresh Tart

In Vegas this past weekend…we hit the Bacchanal Buffet. OMG. Not only does it not feel like the vintage buffets, which are still great, all over town, it’s foodie heaven. You walk into a great seafood bar, only to get consumed by their amazingly over the top breakfast offerings (bloody mary accoutrements get a space all their own!) and then it curves around to the Vegas who-cares-what-time-it-is favorites of fried rice, beef tenderloin, pizza and the like….amazing.

However, my husband (HUSBAND!) passed by these little egg tostadas similar to these one’s I found on Fresh Tart from 2010. People, we’re FROM Texas, home of Tex-Mex. What the what and where were we. Amazing! Bacchanal had their tostadas simple: corn tortilla, egg, cheese, pico and love.

So when we finally get a Saturday morning to ourselves next weekend, I’m making these for breakfast in bed.



What’s this?  Why, it’s the best (insert your favorite curse word) breakfast you’ve had, like, ever.  You’ll see the list of ingredients, and you might freak out a little bit, thinking that it’s awfully rich for breakfast.  But bear with me, as I’m a big fan of small jolts of dear ingredients, the best possible way to eat healthfully without dying of boredom.


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