Running. Needs to Happen.

Help me friends of the interwebs, I’m in need of motivation.

I have my first 5K with the hubs next weekend. Last time I ran? I FORGET.

I mean I sold a house. I got married. I moved house. I had the biggest conference week in my work year evah. I did a HUGE pitch to the boss’s boss that’s leading to a pitch needed for the boss’s boss’s boss’s…well, the CEO. you get me. Plus, planning a summer reception is FUN, but time consuming. and looking at wedding pics and making albums and prints. and. there’s some fun and congrats parties that have been in there which were great too.

But, excuses aside, I have not run.

How do I get back into the groove? I’m nervous about summer. I want the wedding reception to be great, but not take every moment, and stop feeling like everything else takes precedence before running. What are your tricks and tips for getting back on track?



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