Things I’m Jonesin’ For: May

Sorry all, I know this one swings a little sickeningly sweet towards being a newlywed, but with pictures coming from my camera in Vegas, a professional photographer in Vegas, and upcoming bridals, engagements and reception pics…well, I’ve been in archiving and wedding mode. It’s happening and we’re excited, so blessed for all this fun activity and love sharing.

imageThere are a few photos that I wouldn’t mind having canvas art being made out of. Using photo shop, I’ve got a great photo of us before we walked out of our hotel room to get married and would love to walk into our house and see that image each day. Shutterfly has given me the ability, relatively cheaply, to get photos on canvas…saving me on the art I would have bought in it’s place! 


Okay, so who doesn’t want to see their new married signature? I thought this necklace was too amazing! How cute! Now, my signature itself is pretty scraggly if I’m signing something…or should I use my best handwriting?

imageSo we started dreaming about a new house. We went furniture shopping and dreaming, and we saw this amazing look at West Elm. Their Mid Century Line of furniture is truly Mad Men in real life. We both love the classically cool yet trendy shapes and can’t wait to see how we can get this full look inimage our new space when we find one.

So now I’m a teacher’s wife. and this week I’m attending a few student award’s ceremony’s and want to look pretty perfect. Blessed with the Spring season and Easter right behind us. I found this beautiful dress recently at Macy’s and felt like it was white enough to say “Just Married”, and imageflorally enough to be pretty without being “board room” like I normally dress.

Homeland Season 3 is taunting me from – “Available for Pre-Order”…when will it arrive people! I need my Carrie and Brody fix…I need to know what happened after he went off into the forest. Hurry! Hurry!image

Veuve Cliquot Demi-Sec White Label was the bottle of bubbly that graced our table at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant in Vegas. Sweet and sassy, it leaves you feeling like royalty!

imageBellagio Bath Bubbles were amazing! Smelled like perfect light and airy perfume while being super foamy! Unable to buy and I’m sure there’s a generic that’s close…but I still miss that huge jetted tub.


So there you have it…a few things I need to get or lost self control and bought…what have you been shopping for?


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