RePost: Creating my own Summer Bucket List | on summer bucket lists–How Sweet It Is

So I’m jealous! Jessica from How Sweet it is put together a summer bucket list. Not only did I completely steal a few of her ideas, but it’s so inspiring, after marrying a teacher, (*swoon* #newlywed!) summer takes on a whole new fun-ness. (it’s a word. use it. it’s not a word. use it anyway.)

  • Go pedal boating in the Hermann Lake
  • Ride the train at the zoo
  • Ride the carousel at the zoo
  • Feed the giraffes at the zoo. (we’re zoo members. woot.)
  • Make a new cocktail: Spicy Paloma like PF Changs
  • Run more. Bike more. Swim…more. Tri anyone?
  • Get to the pool. Somehow. YMCA?!
  • Walk the dogs and play with them – hit the dog park with Penny and Ralph.
  • Grow tomatoes and flowers in our backyard. I adore the smell of tomato plants, and the mister in my life is apparently quite the gardener. Let’s do this!
  • Make tons of summer recipes: taco night, nacho night, French picnic from Boxwoods but homemade night, fruit infused waters, infused vodkas (see cocktail needs above!), gourmet hot dogs and grilling out. Here we come!
  • Take a last minute weekend trip. Just pick up and go! I have something in mind. yay.
  • Go to a drive in movie. Godzilla playing this Friday. LETS! We’re newlyweds, aren’t we required to do this?
  • See the beach.
  • Have a wedding reception and honeymoon. (Already planned, so somewhat cheating, but I’
  • Hang out on a picnic blanket at a park. or in our backyard. Add a picnic to this. Add chilled wine. or that spicy paloma. #somuchoverlap.
  • Go photograph summer band, fun beach photos, our own wedding announcement photos done by moi.
  • Roast hot dogs on sticks. No idea how to do this at home, but must. more food. always the food.
  • Wear a bikini. Own it.
  • Get ready for school and football marching band season. and fall. and another bucket list.



So I have this thing where I pretty much still believe in summer vacation even though I’ve been out of school for nearly ten years. It’s just ingrained in my brain that the end of may through the beginning of september is SUMMER! and it won’t even stop. Regardless of what I’m doing at the time or where I’m working or how much time I even get to spend in the sun. Summer is soon.


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