Running a 5K with the Hubster

I hadn’t run in. Well. I hadn’t.IMG_00003177

and it was Saturday. and we had a million things to do. But I was determined to get the day off to an amazingly successful start by doing a 5K and feeling super fit and trim and stuff.

Besides, it would help me feel good that I wanted to indulge in an amazing Mexican breakfast at a local taqueria and then registry setting and shopping around town and then what I hoped to be a romantic lunch with him after we finished spending some of our wedded bliss.

So, BANG! The 5K started. and I started having nostalgic moments since it started in my old school football stadium. and as we crossed the road into the area where my school was, it wasn’t a great run, but I was doing okay to my normal pace, given my shoes probably still had 6 weeks of dust on them.

Then as I rounded out a mile, I heard some huffing and puffing coming from behind me. All I said was “You can do it!” and I’d made a new friend. Rene hadn’t run a race in two years. She’s been married for 37, and she’s a grandmother to 6 boys, from her 2 sons. For the rest of the race, we ran – no stopping – and we crossed the finish line together.

Forget that my pace was beaten by a good 30 seconds. Forget that I had on my new arm sleeves that I was going to rave about because I didn’t have fire like skin from contact allergies.

What I learned was, making friends is better than any finishing medal. That hearing my husband call “Go Mrs. Jones!” made me feel like I could conquer the world. Rene reminding me that it is a RUN not a RACE. This all, this made the run worth it. and I will continue to do it again.

Game back on.


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