RePost: Me Too | I am a Band Directors Wife– Flowers and Kittens

I, too, am a Band Directors wife. Last week was the last week of school, and with a heavy heart and a happy smile towards the summer break – my husband received several letters from departing students.

Without divulging the beauty of the kind letters he received, the below is exactly true. Those words get US through the year, to show that he is making a difference, and that I get to support him in the job that requires long hours, blood, sweat, tears and endless effort – but makes such.a.huge.impact.



We are a WE and WE are a coaching family. And tonight as I watch my husband warm up his boys and girls and help carry them to a victory you will not find anyone more proud in the stands then me. Because it does not matter to me if we win or lose, in my heart its how WE played during the game and at halftime. “WE are just riding the train. Someday they are going to ask us all to get off. Owners, coaches, players and there are going to be new owners, new coaches, and new players. We should not be bitter about that because the experience of being on that train was so great.” ~Bill Parcells Channa, Life as a Coaches Wife

I don’t have a kid on the team, the sidelines, or in a band uniform but in my heart they are all mine. I care for them as I hope to care for my own one day, their victories are my victories and their heartbreaks I share. I am a band Director’s wife.


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