Running has Turned into Biking

…the reception is in my sights. and barring that Seattle is right around the corner, I’m putting myself on the diet during the week so that I feel perfect on my reception day and surprise honeymoon.

Seriously, I’m so excited its a surprise, but holy moley is it getting the better of me. I have a photo shoot coming up for the reception and a dress that I need to look good in. and i hate a challenge that I feel I have to do.

That said, I’m looking forward to getting a few days out of my system of a vacation in Seattle. The husband is running in the mornings at the house, and the dogs are even getting a work out.

Why am I so lethargic? Sitting here now I feel like I’m just depressed physically – tied by bricks and blocks. Additionally, I’m starving, all the time. Sigh.

That all said to just complain. I’m worried about my half marathon in November.

I’ll be in a better mood tomorrow.




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