Things I’m Jonesin’ For: June

Oh the things I”m Jonesing for just grows. Admittedly, I’m on a shopping binge lately and really it’s because there’s a honeymoon coming up and then football season and now we just got invited to a wedding where there will be dancing. and Sir LAA, has agreed to dance.

Hip hop? Well, negotiations continue.

This Maroon Cardigan is on my list of things I need to imageget before football season starts back up. I’m looking forward to cooler weather and really, putting a comfy, cozy wrap all around and snuggling into a great cup of coffee in the stands is sounding more like life has been gifted to me already. Here I come.

Do you remember the word “Woobie” from the movie, Mr. Mom? It’simage basically a blankie. We have a few blankets around our house, but nothing makes me nap faster than a satin edged, fleecy number that let’s nary a breath of ceiling fan air into my cozy cocoon that I create. This one fits the bill. 

If you’re gonna bring lunch, you need a Lunch Box. I saw this cute little diddy on It’s nice to have a bag that I can lug into the office with my purse and laptop case. I have a few new recipes for lunch, including a homemade version of the Starbucks Protein Box that I’m a fan of, that I’m hoping will spice up my lunch hour in the office a little more. Just like back to school calls for, a lunch box may make it feel a little less like “leftovers”.  image

Speaking of school times, I did pick up a cute custom Jersey to wear to the football games this season. I mean, let’s just admit it, we’re maroon and white. Not only is that my college colors, but it gives me another reason…excuse…whatever your poison, to shop for smoe new fun things for fall!image

In fact….did you just say, “Are you looking for Totes for Football Games?” Funny enough, I am! Sir LAA is trying to get me a sideline pass for taking photos at half time (there are other parts of the game that matter??) and this little tote will keep things snug with my camera inside as well as that ever needed lipstick (I’m behind the lens, but never an excuse!) as well as a flag or two for cheering! image

As a great date night idea I signed Sir LAA and I up for a Cooking Class at our local Sur La Table. I’ve attempted pasta a few times and with the polish dish we make, pierogi, it’s basically a ravioli pasta. However, the few classes I’ve taken at Sur La Table have been great, and this one in particular will be super useful since I’m in love with the idea of making an entire Italian meal from scratch.  image

Better’n Peanut Butter. What can I even say? 50 calories a table spoon and the one I got is banana flavored. It’s my favorite sweet sandwich in ONE JAR. I want to eat this with a spoon. I’m a pretty sketchy lover of diet items and this in particular ranks as one of the best ones I’ve ever had. A must try. image

imageHere I am talking about PB&J, but the diet kind!!, and This look came across from Forever 21. Go ahead, laugh because I shop there and I’m 35 years old. But can you not love this? It’s a cute black bootie with leatheresque leggings (I’m admitting that I own some.) and then this kimono and aviators take it “into” the okayness for a thirtysomething to wear??? Right?

So there you go Internet worldlies….enjoy, shop, live big.


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