RePost: My Turn | Tina’s Fey’s AmEx ads

I don’t have an AmEx card, but I thought it would be interesting to track my last 20 purchases for funsies on my debit card a la the new Tina Fey American Express Ad. A little glimpse into my own shopping habits wouldn’t be too bad….

  1. Einstein Bagels – My lox bagel this Am that I “needed” to get through Friday while my husband is off work
  2. The Cleaners – who I adore because she has dum-dum lollipops in a basket near the register, and sometimes that shot of sugar for all 12 calories is completely worth it.
  3. Walmart – sorry mass-box-store-haters. It’s near my office. I needed potatoes for dinner this weekend, and nasal spray and this cheap tank top…and…well, this water-pillar for the party because water toys in the summer are a must.
  4. Car Wash booklet for the husband. He loves a clean car. Now he doesn’t have to do it himself.
  5. ATM money for our maid. It’s our indulgence. It’s wonderful to come home every other week to perfect vacuum lines and a cleaned off, clutter free countertop. It’s a busy schedule and life sometimes doesn’t make time for dust bunny dismissal.
  6. Groceries: because if you haven’t figured it out, we eat. Like bosses. and I adore cooking. and now that hubby is off for summer, it’s nice to have help doing this chore. I wonder what other goodies snuck in the basket?
  7. A few drinks at a Washington Avenue bar. It was for a friend who’s raising money for Multiple Myeloma Research, and did I need that extra Gimlet? Yes, after that particular day, I did.
  8. EZ Tag: there’s no other way to get to work on time, and with my santity (somewhat) still in check.
  9. Houston Museum of Natural Science received a lovely “donation” in the form of an annual membership. Great place for a date day, and in a fun part of town just to walk around in.
  10. Fuel for His Car
  11. Lunch with the hubby on a Friday. I’m gonna admit it, I’m going to miss this little romantic day break when school is back in session.
  12. The electric bill. Lights. gotta have ‘em.
  13. Dynamo Tickets: because husband likes soccer. and I like an outdoor stadium and trashed up neon orange cheese nachos.
  14. Fuel for My Car: because work.
  15. Photography payment for the Reception – I need photos, and they want payment. I can’t wait to get to the reception. Oh the fun we’re going to have!
  16. Mani/Pedi: my feet and hands needed to look like a lady owned them again.
  17. This Signature Necklace because the fact that my married name is still a novelty and I can wear it is still super fun and probably too cutesy for the public at large to endure.
  18. Water bill. Showers are a necessity, but that said, so is a sink, dog water filled bowls, laundry washing liquid and well, anything to stir up my crystal light juice making packet things.
  19. A gift for a friends birthday – if you’ve not learned what Paper Source is – do it. It’s a great little shop with all.the.things.
  20. Hobby Lobby supplies for making summer mums and orange paint to refinish the chairs in our guest bedroom. Because we just aren’t busy enough.





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