RePost: God Make me This and Calorie Free | chorizo croque monsieur with queso & cotija guacamole – Climbing Grier Mountain

Lately I’ve been dying to throw a brunch. My pinterest page has a brunch board. Do I think that my friends would get up and come our way for a brunch on a Sunday morning? Prolly not. Not because they are mean or that we don’t have friends, but everyone just seems crazy busy with life and other things during the summer.

I know that this isn’t a brunch dish, but imagine a lovely sunny-side up egg on top of that mother-lovin’ stack of sammich? Not gonna lie, it’s horrible for me, but right now I’m mid-eating-to-save-calories-for-vacation and I’m starvin’ marvin.


image Hold on to your stink-eye for 2.2 nano seconds and hear me out. Today, I’ve meshed two cultures together without using an abacus or a memo. Enter this Chorizo Croque Monsieur with Queso & Cojita Guacamole. This sandwich has all the Spanish spice from the chorizo and the French buttery goodness. Top with a little melted cheese on top…..could you imagine if they made this sammie back in the middle ages? Countries would have been way more chilaxed.

Not only is cheese a great vehicle to broaden your cultural horizon, it’s actually quite good for you. Cheese is full of nutrients – calcium, vitamin D, and potassium. Plus, it’s a great snack that provides high quality of protein.


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