Resolution Progress: June

Watch out world, 2014 is up and running…and I have to admit something. I hate this set of resolutions. Life has changed ten-fold since I wrote them at the end of 2013 and I think if I’m honest with myself, that some of these just aren’t going to get done. So I’m setting aside the violin lessons. Accepting that my hat skills aren’t top notch enough. Paris will be waiting until the love of my life joins me soon. And so, with heavy heart for changing things, but uplifted by my ability to admit wrong-doing, I’m writing a few other new ones so that my change of heart and life are reflected.

1. I will be completing a photo journal rather than a written journal next year. I’m rather adoring this at the moment. Each week I like having a nice little repository for the day to day life photos that don’t fit into a “regular event” in our scrapbook. It’s nice to see what a grocery store looks like, but more so, what it will look like when we (hopefully) look back on this in fifty years.

2. I have two books – an autobiography and a recipe book as well as a photo book that I’m trying to finish. I did pull the bio back out of it’s box last week. It would probably take me an hour to finish and send off, and something is stopping me. The recipe book has met some gaps, and I’m sad to say no progress. Hopefully post-Honeymoon.

3. I plan on running a half marathon. As posted earlier this week, biking has taken the place of running, especially in the summer heat. You saw me post about this earlier. I’m not doing too well, but that said, I’m hoping that after the reception and when the hubster gets back to work, I’ll find some me time to tackle this in. That’s a resolution in and of itself, “finding me time.”

4. Disneyworld. Seattle. And now “Galveston”. The hubster has planned a surprise honeymoon location and he keeps laughing with me that it’s us going to Galveston…on a school bus. Given his giddiness at booking new things, and how proud he seems to be about certain secret plans and excursions, I’m in for an amazing trip.

5. Louboutins have been purchased. And now they’ve been worn. Check out those puppies. I wore them to the Inaugural Gala of the NOMADS in February. So it was not only a great happy-birthday-to-me gift, but it felt good to get that one down on film! These guys are a hoot to hang with, and the black tie event was a first for Sir LAA and I. Enjoyed thoroughly – even danced …in public. Don’t tell the other guys. image

6. This blog. I know. Suckity suck on this one. I’m sorry. What is a girl to do? Sometimes I feel like no one is out there reading this. So then I power on knowing that I’m getting these sorts of conversations about things I like out of my head and onto “paper”, but then every now and again, someone likes a post, and perhaps a little firework goes off making me realize there are folks out there, and perhaps one day I can even say I had a small but strong following.

7. I do have a crazy craft project that has been on my mind for awhile now. Make my own snow globe. This isn’t the only craft on my list. and admittedly, I have started other projects that continue to not make progress. I swear things will happen soon. I swear.

8. Oh yeah. I’m selling my house. And I got married. And we’re throwing a small family reception this summer.  Win. Win. Win. Let’s all have fun and do that. I got to take bridal photos the other day, something I didn’t think I would do given that we’re already married, but it was nice to feel like a bride…even if they will never really be more than photos.


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