Watching the Rock N Roll Seattle

Several weekends back, the hubster ran the Seattle Half Marathon, and guess what? He did AWESOME. But you knew that if you were truly my internet friend.

Anyway, I’m here to sing the praises of the RNR team from a spectator’s perspective. A SPECTATIVE! if you will allow me to create words for you.

The race rocked! Setting aside the fact that I reallllly love Seattle as my top city that I would dream about moving to…the fact that the race folks had something as simple as well placed signs as to where the start and finish of the race was located was a good start! (Ha, I was punny there.)

Usually I get to a race, hug and kiss and hold the gear, and then off he goes. Then I have a 30 minute panic about where the heck I am, if there’s a grocery store around to pick up some surprise chocolate milk (he loves it after a run!)  and then to make it to the finish line in about an hour, because waiting an hour for a great photo is a must.


That said.

The idea that I could do all that and then turn around, get the milk and make my own dash to the finish is essential. Winner winner Rock n Roll Seattle dinner. (Which was at Miller’s Guild by the way, and OMG. Go.)

But bonus points RNR: not only did the run sound amazing – hitting all the great highlights of the city to see…a somewhat new thing for my hubs…but as a spectator, it was wonderful to see ample space set up for watching the runners cross the finish line as well as the BEST reunion area ever – letters marking areas so you can go by your surname (or whatever!) to meet up later…just the security and volunteers alone made this the smoothest transition from start to finish to breakfast (NOW!!) ever….

More of these soon in the future, but I’ll be running them!


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