Happy Birthday Ralphie

IMG_1138a Ralph found me on September 12, 2009. I had lost my puppy Ollie over the Labor Day holiday. I didn’t expect to get another dog so soon. But there he was, rolling around in a cage with other pups, and he was so quiet and inquisitive.

I brought him home, little bump on his head and taught him how to climb the stairs. Making little “meeping” noises through the nights, I learned that going outside from a huge, tall bed plus a two-story house was going to be a lesson for the both of us.

His original name was Skeeter. Then Simon. Neither really fit. So I finally asked him, “What’s your name?”…and somehow this tiny little “RAWF!” came from him, and thus, Ralph stuck…

With time, I learned Ralph’s favorite things – a snuggly bed to sleep in, wasabi peas and dill pickles, playing catch, and barking at anything that moved.

He’s turning five years old today – so in dog year’s we’re the same age. Since coming home, he’s finally getting used to Alice and Penny. They are both larger than him, and yet his personality continues to let him bully them both.

I’d not trade him for the world. Now that Daddy has entered his life, Sir LAA makes sure that Ralph continues to get what he wants, when he wants!

happy birthday lil ralphie. we love you.


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