Running with The Animals

So summer has almost passed….and believe it or not, the animals got to go on only one run with Sir LAA. Partially my fault, it’s been so busy this summer that our anticipated schedule does not reality make.

That said, it wasn’t like I wasn’t thinking about what it would take to make running with animals better or more fun for them or what have you.

This past weekend I saw a gentleman on his bicycle with a dog on a leash. The situation seemed to work well for the pair, but I can’t imagine it didn’t take some getting used to on both of their parts.

That said.


imageA traffic leash would probably be best for our big girl Penn. She’s definitely alot of force to be dealt with and keeping her close before her power gets out of your hands is key. This would also help her learn HEEL! which we’re….uh. taking our time with. yeah. that.

image This water bottle would also be pretty handy. Both of our puppies are quite the big water slobberers. (is that a word? probably not.) so this handy device could be kept with us without too much extra weight and give an easy spot for watering when panting becomes an issue.

image Fashion can always be an issue. As runners we’re always buying technical gear, why not for our animals too? This great jacket helps keep them cooler during our hot (way hot!) summer months.

image And finally, let’s not forget Alice our bunny. In the event that we want to shake it up, THAT much, well, they have leashes for her too. Sure the neighbors may look, but how cool would that be!?


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