RePost: If I ever Move to London | 15 Surprising Things about Parenting in England – A Cup of Jo

Really great article in general about the cultural differences between Americans and the British. Having a few wonderfully British friends, this is something I’ve learned with time – I’m so grateful they are so forgiving of me…being a bit brash, a bit oversharing and a bit louder.

That said, they’ve taught me wonderful things like sticky toffee pudding and what the raggy dolls were!




On English food: Typical English food—especially pub food—is all the things children love: pies, mashed potatoes, mushy peas, fish and chips, sausages. English food used to have a reputation for being stodgy and not great. But these days, actually, the food is so good that that reputation is no longer deserved. Tom and I both put on weight when we first moved here because we loved the food (and beer) so much! There are great farmers’ markets all over London, and the supermarkets can be really inspiring.


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