Got my Schedule – A Training Map for the Half Marathon

Okay people. I got my half marathon training “map”…and tonight I’m planning out how to start.

But the fact is, I need the motivation and energy. I want to do something for myself. Truth is, I miss the gym. I’m keeping my weight in a happy place, but I feel like I’m losing oomph. I’m just tired from the move, and the house, and the dogs, and the wedding and the reception and the honeymoon.

Yes, ALL GOOD THINGS. I don’t mean to complete in a words on a screen whiny voice. But it’s alot of work, and life just happened and now I’m sitting here, sore throat, exhausted thinking, “How am I gonna do it all?”

I don’t know. I just don’t. I’m scared truthfully. I want to say out loud, “I’m not a runner.”. I’m wondering if I should accept that I’m not and throw myself into biking or yoga. My hubs and BFF who are both the same emotionally and runningly, say I can do it. And that’s great, but they’ve both DONE it.

and I don’t know how much I reallllly want this checked off my bucket list. It would be a “nice to have”, but “MUST DOs” seem to abounds more readily in other areas. Not because they are easier, but because they are more attractive – writing a novel, traveling, playing an instrument – mental challenges that excite me.

Being alone in my head running hundreds of hours right now scares me.

What do I do?


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