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I hate to be a hater.  and I have tried for a long time to not be mad at those people who I had relationships with in the past.  But sometimes, a girl’s gotta have a cleanse. I mean, I got closure, and I’m trying to be the bigger person, and this particular blog isn’t going to call anyone out for detailed things they did.

What I am going to say, takes guts, because I always think that if you put some negativity out into the world, karma will come back to bite you. So oddly, I’m being brave…or am I? Weigh in.

At our recent reception, my dad asked “what took so long” for the husband and I to find each other. and while I completely relish the idea of getting even an extra day with my husband added to our lifetimes, I also think that I would have never appreciated him the way I do if I hadn’t had been through the stuff I was put through to get to where I am today.

So for those boys that were in my past, my God, you have no idea what real men are like. Thank you for that, because I have a man now, a good, upstanding, respectful, no-holds-barred-on-what-we-can-conquer partner. Who will walk through fire for me. We have no drama, no fear, no battle and no problems – what we have is a life that ebbs and flows (my husband’s own words) and a mate that will always be there no matter what.

What’s missing now? One thing. The fireworks. Sounds bad doesn’t it? Actually no. I have a mad sort of passion for my husband, and he returns it, but we are both home to the other. A quiet calm falls over us and all that we do. We are blessed for it. We are better for finding it only in each other.

No other man compares. And deep down, for the first time ever, I’m positive I’m exactly with the man who completes me.



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