Spain: Where We Stayed

Since Wednesday always seems bucket related, I strayed for the next month on running (It’s 100+ degrees here people!) and thought I would share about the amazing surprise honeymoon my husband took me on.

So, the first in a three part series on Barcelona is about our home away from home. We stayed at the Royal Hotel on the Passeig de Gracia.

From the looks of the clientele, this is an upscale European hotel who caters to UKers and business people. What an amazing set up – especially compared to other European areas (my place in Italy was a single bed and I could touch both walls with my arms outstretched above my head….breakfast was at 730AM (and yes folks, they had coffee on demand! And in the room!…actually, you’d have loved it, coffee maker PLUS a second espresso maker in room, you weren’t going anywhere without caffeine, Sir LAA (a non believer!) even started having it!!)  The staff was nice, despite having a bit of a tough time at English and the Terrace Bar was nicer with amazing views, but a slightly slow bit of service – Hubsy and I had to learn how to relax, a welcome lesson.

The breakfast room was beautiful and colors were lovely, but we ended up eating out on the outdoor patio that you see in the pics. The room was super comfy, and the shower was see-through to the street, I’ve never seen anything like it, but it was designed to basically use natural light to light the entire room. Very cool.  I think I loved our patio best though….after a whole day of walking, despite it being hot, it was wonderful to walk out and put my feet up and listen to all the city noise. Something is going on every second there. It was great.



Our Room


The shower looking through to the bathroom on the other side


Our Room’s Patio


Views from our Patio


Our Breakfast Area for eating:


The Terrace Bar/Views



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