Today we are Settling In

And finishing that blasted bucket list.

What I have realized that when you settle in, it’s like trying to find peace. and for me, finishing a list isn’t just a simple accomplishment, it is a complete reason to RELAX.

So, I’m happy to report that over the last month or so, I’ve been doing tons around the house. I’m in the final stages of my snowglobe, pictures soon! I had to order several parts I needed before it would work properly, but I am 90% there!

I completed the dogs’ marching band uniform tee shirts. Who doesn’t “need” these in life? (Does this make me crazy? Sure.), but I did get a chance to put those together.


This weekend, I was able to make a friend’s baby quilt, and this was a huge project for me. I haven’t sewn in awhile and despite having a few trip ups, I think it came out great. I’ll post pictures later, I hate to ruin the surprise.

Customized Spirit Wear Knee SocksPlus, I was able to make the socks with the iron-on letters of our marching band. So this was huge, because again with the needs-to-order, one of the letters they sent was faulty. So I completed the rest of the project and now I patiently wait until they arrive. That said, they will look like this when done!

I’m settling into the house quite well. Over the last month we’ve put in a bar cabinet, a new office desk, and spruced up our organization with a few additions. I’m happy to say that cleaning and putting away things after a game has become much easier. Even lunch making on Sundays has become more melodic because of the purging, fixing and organizing. It leaves me with a huge sense of accomplishment.

Here at work, you know, my day job, things are coming together after six months of figuring out what the team needs. Being an economist sometimes takes time to form up how you can best suit a groups needs and for the past few months all this fine tuning finally has me seeing the big picture. Things are becoming more routine and I’m enjoying it.

And finally, life is becoming quieter. Not just because Sir LAA is off leading the band and I’m at home in the quiet. But, because it’s settling, the peace, the activity level is higher than ever, but I can relax within it and I’m finding true happiness, of which I’m very grateful.


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