RePost: What I Did | The Perils Of Unfriending People On Facebook – The Huffington Post

I recently got brave and over a few months time and big thinks later, I’ve taken my friends list from 400+ to less than 200. I have to say, letting go over the guilt that I don’t talk to certain friended people, and some folks have negative opinions,and really, I just kept hanging on despite knowing that they could care less that I’m posting. Because of one reason or another, but really it just boiled down to “what they would think” if I unfriended them.

Then I came across this quote. and it just clicked. So I unclicked them away.



Reader Rachel Cracken Herbig only wants Facebook friends who post and engage. “I defriend Facebook friends when they don’t communicate with me within a 6-month period,” she said, “I only want two-way friendships on Facebook.”


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