RePost: What can I pack for Sir LAA | Easy School Lunches – A Cup of Jo

When it comes to settling in, it’s mostly about a schedule and routine for me. The more I can harness the to-do’s into a rhythmic dut-dut-dut of the day, the more likely they get done.

Right now, one thing that has been a huge help for me lately, is making lunches and dinners on Sunday. But what’s becoming super fun, is that we watch our binge tv shows whilst I overlook from the kitchen. It’s like a ballet of pots, pans and action-drama of Homeland, Manhattan and Game of Thrones.

It’s lists like this though that keep the monotony of my routine not leaking into the food itself. Now that we’re knee deep into football season schedule and i’m packing breakfast,lunch and a before-dinner snack for the hubs, then I’m always on the lookout for super portable but unique meals that will keep him happy


What do you make for school lunches? Now that Toby’s in school, we’ll be packing a lunch every day. We got some Lunchbots, which have three or four compartments, and the goal is to fill them up with yummy healthy foods. As the year kicks off, I figured I’d create a list of lunch ideas to have on hand…


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