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Part of simplifying and settling in this month has been the bear of a closet project. If there’s anywhere in our house that needs help, it’s this one. If there’s anywhere in our house that will require the most work….yep, you guessed it.

As I go through my clothes though, it was time for a new activity called, “What the heck IS my style?” and one night, awake for goodness knows what reason, I came up with this idea:

image It was really just about what I normally wear. For instance, when I’m bopping around the house or doing errands, you’ll generally see me in jeans. if I’m going out of the house and wanna perk it up a little, I’m sorry, but I’m so glad it’s back – Seattle grunge makes a reappearance. Husband taking me on a date night? I love a stripe or geometric print dress. Club evening with friends? I hate to say it, but leather and stud accents make me feel perfection. Same for work, pinstripe business wear conservative world all the way, a cute mod print for a bit fancier stand out dinner, 40’s ditsy prints if it’s a quieter day in the office or on a Friday.

This idea keeps me sane when I see a tutu skirt and a corset and I want to find SOMEWHERE to wear it. (It’s happened. Yes, I’m 35.)

All that said to say, not only is this making keeping the closet cleaner easier, but it’s saving my pocketbook too. I’m happy to report that I’m sticking to my style that I’ve tended to love for years (decades!? eek.) now…but I’m able to add bits and bobs here and there that keep it trendy.

But I still want that tutu.



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