RePost: Our Life is a Calendar |

Seriously, I found myself this morning writing our 2015 calendar. Yes. Like next year.

I think some of this stems from the fact that I’m married to a teacher, and therefore, our summer is actually our end of year. Which just dawned on me, does this mean the day before the first day of school is an option for a New Years Eve party with teacher friends? Hmm. Good idea girl, I’m on it.

The other part sprouts from the idea that I hate doing stuff during the holidays that resembles office work, so the more prepared I can get in our fall “downish” time (and by downish, I mean a day or hour without a football game, meeting, social obligation, etc…)…the better. Because people, I just finished Christmas shopping, all of it. and it’s wrapped, minus that one gift that is on it’s way RIGHT now. I’m done-ers!

Happy settling in, this is our routine!



Now that it’s time to look for calendars for the new year, I’ve pulled together a few shapely options.


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