Jonesin’ For: Get the House Organized Version

No seriously. The house.

I’m sorry that I’m not sorry that I have organizing OCD. But when you move from 2,200 square feet by yourself to 1,500 square feet with another human and then add animals back in and then carry the four…well, organization is necessary.

Plus, it’s like you move in, get things places, and then about a month or so later (you know after you fly to Vegas to get married, then have a reception, then have a honeymoon, and wake up and go “HOLY HECK NEW LIFE BATMAN!)…you want to perhaps move stuff around to make life easier.

Admittedly I’m no longer jonesing for any of these products because I own them. And while some may not work for you, I wanted to share a few of the awesome things I’ve found that make our life a little easier.


Storage Dynamics 5-Foot Vinyl Covered Steel Over door Storage Basket RackI bought two of these back of the door “food can sized” shelf organizers. One goes in our guest room to hold all the miscellany that falls to that closet (right now birthday party stuff!) and one is in our pantry. Then I hit Ikea and randomly (what don’t I find at Ikea randomly) and found these SKUBB SKUBB Box, set of 6 IKEA Helps you organize socks, belts and jewelry in your wardrobe or chest of drawers.organizers. The four smaller ones all fit into the shelves of these door organizers so well, that…well, I’m going to Ikea later this week. Plus they zip up flat in case I ever change around things and don’t need them at the moment.

But LA, you haven’t really talked better kitchen. I know. I know. I should. So, I adore when you open a drawer and A) it opens without crushing something or half way and needing forced…as well as B) everything is right where I left it and not jarred around. So enter in this larger version of a traditional tray and I’m a happy camper.

Altra Furniture 2-Shelf Metal Rolling Utility Cart or Industrial Table, Bright Red FinishThis little cart has also been a nice addition to our office. I bought a few photoboxes to hold all of my crafts and paints and what nots and now it sits happily below the desk out of the way, but can roll out as soon as my creative streak hits. I’m very happy with the open-ness of it, because now it’s forcing me to get rid of the crafting items I’m not using and make room for whatever new project I’m planning on.

Speaking of the office. It’s undergone quite the transformation. I bought this bookcase to help us unload the closet of the books we want to keep and were hoarding never to be re-read again. (A tragedy in my world.) This picture doesn’t do it justice, when you put the books just right, it looks like they are floating. and we won’t mention that the top is a perfect prop-up for my muppet I made at FAO Schwartz. These under shelf baskets came in super handy in my latest Ikea hack. I bought us a double NIPEN Leg IKEA Solid wood is a durable natural material.desk with these fantastic legs! with a shelf that I laid sideways for us to have storage and display space and these baskets hold all of the pc wires and modems wonderfully. Then to keep the happy new bright colors rolling, I scored this file cabinetHELMER Drawer unit on casters IKEA Slot for label on each drawer so you can easily keep things organized and find what you are looking for.. So much better. So happy.

Honey-Can-Do SHO-01170 2-Tier Expandable Shoe Rack, ChromeOh, let’s talk shoes shall we? I did a number on our closet last night. Actually, Sir LAA did quite the number this weekend when he took down the shelving and moved it up 6 inches for us. That way, my shoes came rolling in. So I bought this liner for our wire shelves, these racks for my heels and this lovely cubby for my collection of Converse. Now I can see my shoes, and the door rack came off so now our door isn’t a barrier for us to actually enter the closet. It’s an amazing transformation, and I feel so much happier.

Since we’re in our master bedroom doing all this, I needed space Best Living Monaco Bathroom Space Saver Etagere Shelf, Oil Rubbed Bronzefor makeup. Half of my under the sink space was towels, so I splurged, since it would be out in the open, and scored us this very easily put together, but also easy on the eyes etagere.  The towels moved over and now I can actually buy and store wrinkle cream. Because I need it people. Bad.

Hm. What else you ask? One more thing. and it’s for the dogs. and the rabbit even. This storage system is stackable and fool proof for a great dane who learned if she stuck her head into the old food storage system, she could get a second dinner. Long sentence? Yes, as these containers were a long time coming!

So there you go….this is where I’ve been on the days I wrote a partial blog and got sidetracked. Now that I’m organized at home, perhaps I can finally sort out where I’m going to type and write the great american novel. That’s for 2015 though…maybe.


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