RePost: Motivation for Winning | Turning Fear into the Courage to Ask for What you Really Want – Design*Sponge

So last night was burger night for the band and school. I’m hoping we made a decent take away. One of our band members had a hard time getting her burger from the clutches of the overrun, over-busy, a little unorganized staff.

That said….she didn’t want to “ask them and bother” to get their order ready. This made me consider this discussion about fear and letting things work their way into your system and keep you from doing what you want. I spent more-than-I-really-should-have-in-life time on not asking for (or speaking up) about what I wanted. This was from my job, my relationships, friendships, etc.

Now, I just live to be me. I say out loud when I’m not happy or I am happy. I say thank you just as much as I say please. When things aren’t good, I make the respectful remark to get them back where they should be. This took years. I have learned: we only go around once in life. Make sure….MAKE SURE…you are living yours the way you need to. Do not look back and regret what you didn’t do just because you were afraid.

and in closing, I’d like a little shout out and say, Good Morning/Evening H Family…you know who you are. 😉




For me, fear is both a huge obstacle and motivator. There are days when I’m able to feel that familiar terror creep in and remember to run through it to the other side and days when I crumble and let it just sink in a bit longer. But lately I’ve been fed up with the crumbling and want to spend more time using that nervous or scared energy to push through to new skills, experiences and opportunities, rather than letting it sideline me again.


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