Resolution Check: September

I know, it’s been awhile. Sorry.

1. I will be completing a photo journal rather than a written journal this year. Holy heck am I enjoying this project even more now that football season and school are back in full swing. Every night is a party of some sort – burger night, band practice, football game, pep rally! I don’t take all the photos to merit a full album page at every event, so this journal is definitely becoming the way to mark all the great moments in between the big productions.

2. I have two books – an autobiography and a recipe book as well as a photo book that I’m trying to finish. The bio has been printed! and it’s being read by the husband! Even better, the photo book has been printed and it’s arrived, in time for my mom’s birthday and already ordered by a few cousins of mine! Extra points for spending part of this month finishing up my own self-written cookbook. But there are no pictures, just stories, what do you think, is that allowable? 

3. I plan on running a half marathon.  So putting my mind to things… um. Yeah. Failing here. I’m back at the gym, I’m running with Sir LAA on weekends, but for the most part, I’ve actually stood up for myself and said that a half marathon may not actually be on my bucket list of things to make my life whole. But, having a family is, so watch for that to be a resolution next year.

4. Disneyworld. Seattle. Barcelona. Now we’re under consideration for our Christmas time away. We’ve decided that we’re going to spend Christmas together and hole up staycation style. I’m looking forward to board games, cocoa and gift giving. A dream Christmas, here I come, I’ve only waited my…whole life or you know. All the travels. All the memories. Paris one day, but for now, this is perfection.

5. Louboutins have been purchased. And now they’ve been worn. Check out those puppies. I wore them to the Inaugural Gala of the NOMADS in February. So it was not only a great happy-birthday-to-me gift, but it felt good to get that one down on film! These guys are a hoot to hang with, and the black tie event was a first for Sir LAA and I. Enjoyed thoroughly – even danced …in public. Don’t tell the other guys.  DONE!!

6. This blog. I know. I’m doing better! Not only am I making time for it, but I’m starting to love more and more the fun of finding things to tell you, or shape up articles in my head. Now I just need to market a little better, thoughts on that?  How do I get my name out there more, I want to make LAA worldwide.

7. I do have a crazy craft project that has been on my mind for awhile now. Make my own snow globe. Done. I’ve done it. I done that. Plus all the school projects supporting our Band family’s fandom!  I have one more craft that I’ve committed to…it’s a bag with all the patches I’ve collected. All of my supplies are at home, but this week folks…this week is so busy. Next week, and hopefully next month, I’ll report being craft-free, and wine drinking will become a new sport. 🙂

8. Oh yeah. I sold my house. And I got married. And we threw a small family reception this summer. AND the reception is done and dusted! Our honeymoon went perfectly. I’m finally getting all the albums and pictures and thank you cards straight. I’ve gotten my fall clothes out, I’m ready for a wonderful rest of year. Bring on the cold weather.


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