RePost: Finding even more Time | Find Time for Your Personal Life and Get a Handle on Your Out-of-Control Work Schedule – Lifehacker

I have to admit, I adore my day job, and I love what I do. I read this particular article in regards to my career as a “social bug”.

Let’s admit it, I want to do all the things. All the time. Every time. I don’t necessarily say “no” ever. To husband. To family. To friends. To everyone.

I try to manage myself so that everyone is getting what I can. Inevitably, it leads me to making decisions about what groups, friends, circles, etc… I’m able to participate in – both because they allow me to give the way I like to give, feel best about myself and contribute to my community.

This article really helps you put into perspective the respect you should give yourself in respecting your limits on time and getting burnt out happens, but being aware of what you sign up for, maintaining a healthy view of your needs for rest, and organizing yourself to ask for help when you need it are very important.


Find Time for Your Personal Life and Get a Handle on Your Out-of-Control Work Schedule

Concentrate on quality of work over quantity. The person who builds a career on doing the most work commits to living on a treadmill. The work will never be done, and you will become known among your co-workers as someone who never turns down an assignment. Read: dumping ground. Quality is what matters. People don’t lose jobs for not working unpaid overtime-they lose jobs for not performing well at the most important times. Your resume is not a list of hours worked; it is a list of big accomplishments.


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