End of Settling In

Tomorrow we’ll talk about what October’s theme is, let’s just say I’ve known Mr. LAA for a year now, so love is in the air. Hang tight.

So, settled in? I was almost up until the last day. I felt like my to-do list had waned and flagged a little in the light winds of my new found relaxation.

But then. I went to Walmart and instead of picking up “just” the items I needed, I found that I had ribbon for more wreaths, and some ornament making supplies. What is wrong with me people?

I know.

What did I learn?

That settling in and relaxing is a conscious state of needing to take the time to do nothing. What’s interesting though, is I got to the cashier lane, paid for my goods, walked sleepily out to the car (we had band til 12:30 AM folksies.) and realized she didn’t give me the bag with the craft stuff.

I took it as a sign, and picked up coffee on the way to work instead. Perhaps I learned a lesson after all.


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