RePost: How I met Sir LAA | The Millionaire Matchmaker’s Top Tips to Finding True Love Online – Readers Digest

So I met my husband on (Cue that song This will BE! An EVER-LAST-ING LOVE! and then the cute pictures of all the daters)

My headline Don’t Look Further – I Could Be Her. 

In my own words I’m a normal, energetic girl looking for a long term relationship – I am ready to experience what life has to offer with a great partner who wants to live happily ever after. Are you the gent I’m ready to meet? 

and he was.

But not without a little reading about how to do this stuff first. I had read Patty Stanger’s dating guides and felt like she had some solid advice. Put two photos only, one head shot, one full length! Be HONEST! Do not put your real name in your screen name! Make sure to avoid topics about where you live and work until you trust someone! All of these keep you safe and looking sane on these sites.

This shortened version on Readers Digest’s blog was a great start. Happy dating!


Photographer Randee St. Nicholas

Your mom probably said this too, and Stanger backs it up. “If you go on a date with someone and he or she turns out to be a total dud—or worse, downright obnoxious—they may have a friend for you! Good looking, successful, funny people hang out with similar types. The best way to meet a guy is through a referral; before you know it, you’re six degrees-ing it. Dating online opens up so many possibilities for offline.”

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