Back to Our Unregularly Scheduled Program

It’s been the week that tried my soul most. The one where I almost lost my best friend. or my world. or my happiness. or combinations thereof.

It’s been so confusing this week I don’t know what I can say, or can’t say or how to say what I want to say without saying it wrong. Let me just ramble, it’s my blog. So there.

Life is about learning to dance in the rain. Which is what I’m doing this week. It’s about not taking your toys and going home. Which I am trying desperately to share my legos nicely and without injury of anyone stepping on them.

Healing has started, and while I’m unsure if the trajectory is completely straight and without bumps or u-turns, or even a deer in the headlights…well. I’m here.

I’m trying.

Here’s the thing about the human spirit. Just when you think you’ve been crushed, pummeled, and just can’t do it anymore. When you thought all the worst of the worstest was behind you and then a large emotional Mack truck comes barreling down your perfect daisy-petal lined path of happiness. Well. WELL.

There is a ring I wear. That has the below phrase on it.


It’s not about what I’ve been told not to do this time. I will heed all the wonderful honest and sometimes hard-to-take feedback that I got this week. I will absolutely cherish those folks who reached out to me and others in order to make this world a better place.

It’s what the negativity in this world had me even considering to be reality. The Earth can be a hurtful place. As much as I love Anne Frank’s quote, “Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.” But that said, i always revert to the most beautiful and simple quote I have heard: “Being nice matters.”

WATCH ME. I will laugh through the rain. I will rise up. I will smile. I will dance on through the fire coals. You cannot kill my spirit. You cannot kill the heart that I have. You will not get the best of me. I’ve been through plenty for my years. Do not judge this book by this cover. There is plenty more goodness and light in my life, and I will find hope in those who share it.



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