Jonesin’ For: The Free Edition

Last night just crashed into the stressful holiday drama moment of the year.  Everything just seems to be rough edged at the moment, and as you know, the more streams of that, the more sensitive one can get at every turn.

I’m going to try and turn this into a positive and write a Dear Santa list of items that are completely free to give throughout the year. I’m not saying I’ve been without any of these this year, I’m just sharing a few gifts that cost nothing, and despite requiring time or emotion, may just make someone’s day brighter.

  1. Hugs: I cannot get enough of these.
  2. Thank Yous – yep, these still count. Perhaps sometimes they just require stopping and making time for one rather than in the passing by in the hall way sort. Make those around you realize that you are grateful for their acts of kindness that they didn’t have to do.
  3. Public affirmation of someone’s talents – in front of their boss, in front of their mother, in front of their foes or just on someone’s facebook wall. Some folks may not like to be on the refrigerator of life, but some folks need that validation.
  4. A jar of notes. I read an article where one guy took 365 post its and wrote his significant other loving memories, quotes and thoughts for an entire year.
  5. One long letter. With lots of words. Putting yourself out there, even if it’s a little more lovey dovey than you normally are, because it’s Christmas, and that’s what you do. (Go review that scene with the cue cards and Kiera Knightly in Love Actually)
  6. Sorry. I know. This is odd. But Sorry is a gift for someone like me. I need closure to things sometimes. Sometimes an unforced, well worded, sincere sorry is the biggest difference.
  7. A date. Make your partner feel special. Just plan ANYTHING without him having to know. Just make sure it happens.
  8. Ask them how you can help in the right here and now. Lending a hand is free, and means the world.
  9. Pay it forward. Maybe there’s no reason to be nice than to just be nice. Never hurts to stock up on nice points, I’m a true believer that in time, those points that you pay in, pay off.
  10. Holding someone’s hand when they need it.
  11. Make their lunch. Anything in the pantry. It’s the gesture not the gourmet.
  12. Lay out their clothes for a day, you really want to see them in this suit, or that romper. Just wanting to see them is brought to a whole new level.
  13. Sometimes the most mundane things, we don’t know. Make sure folks know they are needed. Sometimes harsher words of life get in the way, and positive affirmations while they seem simple and perhaps even trivial, are wonderful to hear.


Merry Christmas. Enjoy yours. May everything be merry and bright for the new year.


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