Sir LAA goes Live.

IMG_9699bSo my husband is an avid reader of my blog. Which I find to be charming, and lovely and give me the giddies. What I didn’t expect, is that the man who has tried to keep his private life private would have a conversation last night about using his name on my blog.

I forget the exact words as my heart was really going pitter pat at this point. But it was “You know, you don’t have to call me Sir LAA on your blog…you can call me…”


So. Here I am. Telling you, that I’m married to Ray. That’s him up there, submitting to my want to take portraits over our Christmas holiday this year. Isn’t he dreamy?

It’s funny, as I type this, I’m going through the same inability for his graduated students to call him by his first name that I think would normally be so easily overcome.

Ray. Ray. Raaaay.

Doodle bug.

Thanks for all the love you give me. For the support and laughs I gain through days of panic or issues or stress. Every day I wake up with you means one more day that I get rid of the rest of the world’s concerns, and get on to living a fun, love-filled life with you. Thank you for being a reader.


Lesley Ann


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