Boxing Myself In

People! I’m a crafter! Fun! It’s my outlet – while I’m working numbers all day, and creativity isn’t always…”appreciated” in that field (Ahem, Enron) in my off time, I’m crafting. It’s my outlet. I used to be enamored with those people who say “I’m a quilter” or “I knit”, but I’m just all over the place. I like learning new things and trying new techniques.

One of my favorite things to do each year is the Valentine’s Day Box for my kiddo. Each year it’s a “flash of inspiration” that grabs me and then the build is ON. This year, admittedly, I’ve already made next years, an AT AT from Star Wars. Yes, it’s April. No, Valentine’s is still in February. But with our life, my husband is a band director, and that takes up much of our time in the fall, you take time where you can get time.

Below are the ones I’ve made. This year we did the bulldozer. The kid is super duper into anything construction related, and so along with a construction themed birthday party, we added on this fun one.

Each box has a “moment” for me. How on earth do I make R2D2’s dome head? (answer: find the perfect cereal bowl to sit on top of a huge coffee container)…how on earth do I make the pill-shaped Minion body? (answer: wedding cake topper holder!) or likewise, I find something on clearance and have an A-ha! moment – the green bathroom rug I found became Oscar. A broken plastic football, his head. The more I can find and re-use and not buy, the better…it’s part of the thrill.

I picked Valentines because I feel like the rest of the major holidays already had “plenty of major” and too much busy during those times just turns stressful. Valentines had really one thing – get the cards into the box and show the love. And thus, this tradition came about.

Admittedly, this tradition will end early on, as Valentine’s Day parties don’t follow us into adolescence, but for now, it’s exciting to put something together and surprise the kid with it. So here’s to just a few more…any ideas?


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