Some Good News – Dear John.

Dear Mr. Krasinski,

My name is Lesley, and I have this little space on the internet. I’m not writing to you for fame or acknowledgement, but as a sincere word of thank you for what you’ve done.

It’s really easy to scan by your show, SGN, and think, “That’s cute, humor in the time of all this.”…but I don’t think that’s the case. It couldn’t be farther from the truth. You’ve made a movement. A statement on the world. If I can only speak for me, a lifeline for those who are just trying to make it.

I have nothing terrible to report from my little home office. I’m a economic analyst, I have one kid, my husband is a music teacher. We have everything we need – including elusive toilet paper – and we are blessed with all we have needed to survive all this crazy stuff so far.

But it’s not to say we don’t have our days – where tears flow. Because as a parent, or a spouse, or just as a human, it all feels like just a little too much some days. Watching the world around us crumble, and knowing we are blessed can’t do everything. We just try to do what we can do, and hope that’s enough.

Your movement, we look forward to it every week. We taught our four year old very early on – literally half his life ago, who “Jim”, “Pam”, “Michael Scott” and yes, even “Dwight” were. Because of how strongly we feel what you do is important, we’ve also had to now teach him the difference between what “actors” and “real people” are – because are very certain we want him to know who John Krasinski is and what an impact he made on the world and our family – just from his home.

We want him to know this, because we want him to be certain that he too can live big, do huge things – even if he doesn’t have the fame, the money, the talent of others…because he is already equipped by just being himself, and this is enough. Thank you Mr. Krasinski – you are an amazing force in the time of such uncertainty, and we are blessed to invite you into our homes, to report on the extraordinary ordinary heroes of this period, and I hope well after this, you’ll find time to continue it. You are using your celebrity for an amazing feat, and I think sometimes we need a little more of this in the world – to point at those folks “just tryin’ to do their job” and let others know how wonderful that is.

I was there from Jim’s first awkward stare to the final moment when Jim gives Michael his Best Man spot. But I think in this case, another The Office moment sums it up:

How did you capture what it was really like? How we felt, and how we made each other laugh, and how we got through the day? How did you do it?

-Erin, The Office Finale

Because you have nailed it. My husband is a high school teacher – we have gone through Prom and Graduation with you, but we have loved every minute. It only continues to show further that human connection is a beautiful wonderful chaos that ties us all together on one simple thing – kindness.

God bless you, your family, your movement. We have been and will always be fans. This is your Guten Pranken 4, and I hope there are many more to come.

Photo Cred: YouTube


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